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Daquan's Story

Daquan's Story

My son, Daquan Johnson was 14-years-old when he began battling Aplastic Anemia. Initially his symptoms were not noticeable because he was a "laid-back" type of kid. His symptoms became visible while he was at school. He slightly passed out twice, had a rapid heartbeat, and his legs were burning to the point where he could not walk. In March 2015, he passed out before my wedding. During the wedding he was very pale, and had to be taken to a local hospital. At the hospital he was administered fluids and released. After our honeymoon, Daquan passed out again. I took him to the hospital and he was admitted. At this point I had to quit my job to give my son my full attention he needed. For two and a half months, Daquan received blood and platelet transfusions 2-3 times a week; was pretreated for allergic reaction, and went to other doctor appointments twice a week. Daquan was home bound and had to be home schooled for the rest of the school year. He had poor appetite, no energy or strength to do anything, and underwent several surgical procedures. His doctor wanted to give him additional treatments but his condition was too severe. The only option was to receive a bone marrow transplant. In June 2015, Daquan was admitted to Wolfson Children Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. While Daquan was hospitalized, we lived at the Ronald McDonald house near the hospital. He received chemotherapy for a week. On July 10, 2015, Daquan received his bone marrow transplant and other medical treatments. After a couple of months of treatment, he was well enough to go home to Pensacola. Three days later he became critically ill and was admitted to a local hospital. We had to fly him back to Wolfson Children Hospital. Daquan was administered fluids for hours because he was severely dehydrated and his blood pressure was very low. He was so dehydrated, his left cornea dried out. He developed a BK virus in the urine and GRAFT VERSUS HOST DISEASE was present on his arms but mainly detected in his intestine. While my son was battling this disease he was constantly in pain. He also had diarrhea, fever, and fluid in his lungs. The fluid in his lungs resulted in a chest tube insertion and he was placed on a ventilator. Several procedures later, he developed pneumonia in his lungs. Through the midst of it all, Daquan always maintained a positive spirit. On December 4th, 2015, Daquan was released from the hospital and we returned to the Ronald McDonald House. He had one more doctor's appointment before he would be released to go home to Pensacola. Unfortunately, on the morning of his last appointment Daquan became severely ill and was admitted to the ICU at Wolfson Children Hospital. He had many complications to include infections, fever, and pneumonia in his lungs. Daquan put up a tremendous fight on the battlefield. On January 7th, 2016, at 4:58 AM, Daquan passed away; he was surrounded by his love ones. The feeling of losing a child is an everlasting hurt and pain that will never go away. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers and ask God to give us strength to get through each day.

Thanks in advance to everyone for your love, support, and your prayers.

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